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"The Moose That Got Away"




The  Moose strikes again!

Brendan says:

Bless that moose. I just got a set of those moose-induced shiny buttons & fitted the 2 small ones to the AE/L & AF/L buttons on my Fuji XT-1. My Fuji is pimped out with the Thumbs Up thumb rest (which is absolutely great) but it made those back-button focusing & exposure buttons even harder to find with the camera up to my eye. Enter the 2 shiny buttons. I had ordered them anyway, even before my thumb grip arrived & they are superb little buggers. Makes finding those errant little back buttons just so much quicker & much easier. No more "blind-man's thumb" groping around while your proverbial moose disappears out of frame.

It would be even more awesome, Mr Luther, if you also offered 4 Shiny Small Buttons, as well as the standard 2 bigger, 2 smaller. The XT-1 has no big buttons per se & an extra small button would be handy for the Focus Assist button. Just sayin' ....otherwise I gotta buy another set of 2 big, 2 small & have 4 big buttons left over.

But folks, don't let that put you off....they work great & really improve the handling without detracting from the looks.

So, thank you Mr Luther & your big-arsed moose, from Brendan in Dubai.





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""4 Shiny Buttons" are an instant improvement to any camera  " ---Mike P.   Pittsburgh, PA



"Installed in minutes, instructions were excellent, love the buttons!"  ---Mike F.   Sweden



"I installed the "Buttons" on an old Pentax and decided not to upgrade."---John M.   Flint, MI



"I think "The 4 Shiny Buttons" is a great add-on to most cameras"---George L. Alb, NM



"Doing business with The Luther Co. was a breeze"  ---Jefferey G.  Fayetteville, PA



"I've been a "Sony person" for years...but they certainly goofed-up on the "flush" buttons"---Michael L.  Reading, PA



" Excellent add-on...now I can't live without them"  --- Mike W.   Australia



" Love to touch them" --- Albert R.  Duquesne, PA



"These "Buttons" aren't just for professionals, believe me!--- Richard Z.   Denver,CO


"The material choice (Stainless) is brilliant!"--- Harold B. NM






Dear Rick,


Thanks for the shiny buttons. They came as a complete surprise to me, since it was so long ago that you said you would send them. I am very grateful for them. I have fitted them on my Sony NEX 6 and they enhance both the appearance and the utility.


Thanks once again for remembering me.


Kindest regards,


Clive Dickinson

Rick ?


The Guard arrived today and took all of five minutes to install, if that.  It is exactly what I needed!


I?ll get a MO off to you tomorrow or Saturday.


Thanks much!


Ken Ford

Thought you might appreciate some feedback on a couple products I?ve bought from you.

3 ?Guards? and 3 sets of ?4 shiny buttons?


All work exactly as advertised and have definitely improved some design issues on my NEX-7?s.

The products are well thought out / manufactured, and associated installation photos & instructions are excellent.


I?ve posted positive advertisement for you / your products on a few different Internet photography forums.

Thanks again for the great innovations for the NEX-7.



Bill Cutbush

Raleigh, NC



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"Works better than advertised" ---Susan D.    Scottsdale, AZ



"Installed in minutes, used a plastic toothpik to help, love it!"  ---Mike F.   Sweden



"Congratulations! "The Guard" is an excellent example of the great attention to detail that products "Made in America" were once famous for."  ---John L.   Detroit, MI



"I think "The Guard" is a great add-on to the best camera I've ever had"---George L.  Tempe




"Doing business with The Luther Co. was one of my most pleasant shopping experiences I've had in ages.  Betsy, your sales-girl made it so easy and fun.   She must be one of your companies greatest assets"  ---Barbara G.     Warwick, PA



"I've been a "Sony person" for years...but they certainly screwed-up the location of the "RECORD" button...this widget fixes all that" ---Carl R.     Reading, PA



" Wonderful..........What took you so long!?!"  --- Charles B.   Australia